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Bichon ECO subscription

You have initiated a subscription request.

The validation of the contract will take effect at the end of a period of 14 days after its signature. Please confirm the items below:

Subscription number: ABDT00009




Mrs DELLAMONICA Deborah 5 Avenue de Concise 74200 THONON-LES-BAINS

- AND -

DIAMOND'S GROOMING (Registration number: 888 211 091 00010) having its registered office at 16 BOULEVARD DU CANAL and here represented by Charmot Priscillia


1 - Object of the contract

  1. The client believes that the service provider has the necessary competence and experience for the provision of the services (“BICHON ECO") to the client.
    The service provider undertakes to provide the Service to the customer according to the conditions set out in this contract "  Full grooming every ____13_____weeks. Subscriptions are accessible for customers already known to Diamond's Grooming Thonon, from the 2nd appointment within the limit of one month after their last appointment.

  2. The subscription gives access to a preferential monthly rate within the limit of one visit  every __THIRTEEN___ weeks maximum. No basic service payment is made at the salon. Rates are calculated on the basis of a properly maintained animal. If additional disentangling work is requested, it will remain due to the salon and calculated on the price of 42€/h incl. tax (forty-two euros all taxes included).

  3. The monthly payments withdrawn in excess cannot give rise to a refund. In the event of modification of this contract, an addendum must be drafted including the new terms contracted between the two parties.


  4. Considering the facts described above and the reciprocal benefits and obligations set forth in the Agreement, the receipt and validity of which are hereby acknowledged, the client and the provider agree as follows.

  5. Services provided

  6. The customer agrees to engage the service provider to provide him with the Service, including the following:

    The Service will also include such other tasks as the Parties may agree. This contract does not include additional services (dental care, etc.), which must be paid for at the salon if requested.

    • The provider will provide dog grooming services at the grooming salon.

  7. The service provider agrees to provide the Service to the Client.

  8. Contract length

  9. The validity of the Contract lasts from the date of signature of the Contract until termination by the Parties, the price is revisable each year and may be modified on the anniversary date. The new pricing conditions will be sent to the customer before the date of termination. Without news from him it will be considered accepted by the customer.

  10. A Party may terminate the Agreement prior to the completion of the Service, by giving the other Party at least 30 days notice. Termination must be made by written request sent by post to the head office address: DIAMOND'S TOILETTAGE 16 Boulevard du Canal 74200 Thonon-les-bains, or by email address:

  11. Remuneration

  12. In return for the Service, the client will pay compensation to the service provider at the flat rate of _____17____€/month.

  13. The Remuneration will be paid monthly during the validity period of the Contract.

  14. a) The Remuneration is indicated inclusive of all taxes.

    b) Means of payment
    The Subscriber chooses his method of payment on the Order Form:

    Wire Transfer: payable to Diamond's Toilettage whose bank details appear on the Order Form. The transfer must be accompanied
    order references.

By SEPA Direct Debit: payment by SEPA direct debit in the name of the Publisher on the basis of a prior authorization given by the Subscriber, materialized by a mandate, accompanied by a bank details and sent to Diamond's Toilettage. This mandate is characterized by a “Unique Mandate Reference” (RUM). It is your responsibility to communicate, when concluding a subscription by direct debit and signing a mandate, exact and complete information and to inform the service provider as soon as possible of any modification of the said information occurring during the contract. at the address
aforementioned. Any revocation of the SEPA direct debit mandate will lead to the termination of the subscription contract.


In accordance with legal and regulatory provisions, in the absence of payment on the due date, late payment penalties of an amount equal to the last rate applied to Crédit Mutuel plus 10 points will be applied to the amount including tax of the sum remaining due, without that no formal notice is necessary.
The rate applicable during the first half of the year in question is the rate in force on January 1 of the year in question and that applicable for the second half of the year in question is the rate in force on July 1 of the year in question. in question.
In addition, a lump sum compensation of €40 for recovery costs may be claimed.


  1. Reimbursement of expenses

  2. The service provider will not be reimbursed for its costs under the Contract.

  3. Ownership of materials and intellectual property

  4. All intellectual property and all related materials, including any related work or products under development under the Contract, will be the exclusive property of the provider. Customer's use of the Intellectual Property will be subject to a limited use license.

  5. Title and ownership rights and distribution rights to the Intellectual Property remain exclusively with the provider.

  6. Return of property

  7. Upon expiration or termination of the Agreement, Service Provider shall return to Customer all property, documents, records, Confidential Information, or Intellectual Property belonging to Customer.

  8. Self employed

  9. When providing the Service under the Contract, it is expressly agreed that the service provider acts as a self-employed person and not as an employee of the client. The service provider and the client acknowledge that the Contract does not create a partnership or joint venture between them, and only constitutes a contract for the provision of services.



  1. Notice

  2. Any notice, request or other notification required or permitted by the provisions of the Contract will be given in writing and delivered to the Parties at the addresses indicated below or at such other address as one Party may notify the other, from time to time.








  1. Compensation

  2. Except to the extent of payments as settlement of insurance contracts and to the extent permitted by applicable law, each Party agrees to hold harmless and harmless the other Party, its directors, shareholders, agents, employees, its successors and permitted assigns from all types of claims, demands, losses, damages, liabilities, penalties, punitive damages, expenses, reasonable legal fees and costs of any kind and amount arising out of or arising out of an act or omission under the Agreement by the indemnifying party, its directors, shareholders, agents, employees, successors and permitted assigns. This indemnity shall survive termination of the Agreement.

  3. Professional liability insurance

  4. The service provider will be required to have professional civil liability insurance, covering in particular bodily injury and material damage, of a level considered reasonable in the service provider's sector on the basis of the risks linked to the characteristics of the Contract and only to the extent provided for. by the law. All insurance policies will remain unchanged for the duration of the Contract.

  5. Changes to the Contract

    19. Any modification of the Contract will be in writing and signed by each Party or their authorized representatives.

  6. Respect of deadlines

    20. Time is an essential condition of the Contract. No extension or variation of the Agreement shall constitute a waiver of this provision.


    The service provider will not assign or transfer its obligations under the Contract, without first obtaining the written consent of the customer.

    22Full agreement

    This Agreement contains the entire agreement between the Parties.

    23.Applicable law

    .This Agreement will be interpreted and governed in accordance with French law.


    .In the event that a court of competent jurisdiction declares any provision invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be modified by the court only to the extent necessary to make it reasonable and enforceable and all other provisions shall remain valid and enforceable.


    25. The waiver of a Party to invoke a remedy for a violation, a breach, a delay or an omission as to one of the provisions of the Contract by the other Party will not be interpreted as a waiver to invoke a remedy. other violations, defaults, delays or omissions.


    26.Right to retract

    For the consumer Subscriber within the meaning of the Consumer Code:
    -The Subscriber may exercise his right of withdrawal within 14 days of the order sending EURL Diamond's Grooming by RAR mail the attached form or any other document clearly expressing its desire to withdraw.
    His subscription will not begin until the withdrawal period has expired.


Subscription payment

I send my signed SEPA direct debit authorisation.

SEPA authorization
I attach my bank details

I opt for a monthly payment that I make myself before each 10th of the month on the account:IBAN FR76 1027 8024 0900 0213 8730 219 BIC CMCIFR2A

inSpecifying your surname, first name and subscription number (header of the contract)

Thank you for what you sent !

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