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Cats price 2023


ATTENTION: Before making an appointment for a cat, please ensure that its behavior meets the criteria for treatment by a professional groomer:

- If your cat does not allow itself to be brushedmore than 30 minutesby yourself before showing signs of hostility it must be carried out by a veterinarian (under sedative or anesthesia). The signs of hostilities are: scratches, bites, hissing, growling.

- If your cat allows itself to be brushedmore than 30 minutesbut is very reactive to noise, the use of noisy equipment will probably not be possible (mower, dryer) reactivity to noise is manifested by a movement, and a loud meow.

- If your cat can be brushed without any problem and is not exactly reactive to noises but has never been washed: it can be done dry.

- If your cat has already been washed by yourself but never dried in the dryer: it will be done dry.

- If your cat has already been groomed by a professional without forcing and the grooming went very well, it will be done in full.

The deposit paid will be deducted from the amount to be paid at the show, but cannot, in any case, be the customer, even if the service could not be carried out for lack of behavior. We suggest that you test your cat's behavior before making any online appointment. 

Any signs of hostility will result in the immediate cessation of grooming.

examples ofaverage timesfor a properly cared for animal:

Dry bath + Hygiene: 1 hour

Dry bath + Hygiene + Cut: 1H15

Water bath + Hygiene: 1h15

Water bath + Hygiene + Cut: 1H30

Hygiene includes:Claw trimming, eye and ear cleaning.

The water bath includes:1 dermo-protective shampoo, 1 shampoo adapted to hair type, 1 conditioning treatment.

The dry bath includes: powder shampoo suitable for brushing and facilitating the removal of the hairs of jarre.

The cut includes:Cut according to the customer's choice (with the help of our makeover advice adapted to the morphology of your companion), scissors or trimmer.

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