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Dental care

In order to reduce the deposit of tartar on the teeth, Diamond's grooming offers you care based on the oral hygiene of your dog or cat companion. WARNING: These proposed treatments limit but in no way replace the descaling provided by the veterinarian.

How it works ?


1st step: Your groomer conducts a quick examination of your animal's behavior and teeth with you, and assesses the number of sessions required. It takes an average of 3 sessions of 1/4 hour at 1 month intervals each. If the teeth are too scaled, the groomer will refer you to a veterinarian who will perform a scale removal under general anesthesia (we can resume dental care afterwards).

2nd stage: Your groomer desensitizes your dog to the dental touch and accustoms him to this sensation. Then he proceeds to the treatment using a perfectly painless ultrasound device. The specific toothpaste deposits micro-particles on the plaque of tartar, and explodes with ultrasound, thus breaking the tartar. It thus passes on all the teeth. Then the application of an antibacterial cleans and eliminates the germs and bacteria present. He then proceeds to a final cleaning to remove the last residues.

3rd stage: depending on the effect of the treatment, more or fewer sessions can be assigned, but the effect is visible from the first session.




1 session of 1/4 hour: 20 €

1 session during grooming: €15

3 sessions of 1/4 hour: 50 € (first 2 sessions at full price, the balance at the 3rd session within the limit of 1 month of spacing between each session)


Treatments are by appointment only and on request during grooming.

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